The InterFabric Autumn Exhibition 2020

Fabric lovers worldwide always look forward to the Inter Fabric exhibition, the Exhibition of all fabric exhibitions. Ever since it was established in 2016, the International Exhibition of Textiles and Textile Materials, called InterFabric for short, has gained international relevance, attracting Exhibitions from various textile leaders worldwide.

Right from inception, the InterFabric Exhibition occurs twice a year, one for spring and another in autumn. The event is hosted in Moscow at the very prestigious exhibition venue Expo Centre Fairgrounds, with the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation, and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs


A significant number of fabric manufacturers and wholesalers are participants in the various exhibitions and business programs. Each exhibitor had an individual stand where they displayed their various products.

At the Inter Fabric Autumn 2020 exhibition, "Yarn&Fabric" was a four-time participant in the Exhibition. "Yarn&Fabric" had a stunning first impression with how beautifully constructed their stand was. They also captured the spirit of the Exhibition by the receptive ambiance they radiated. Everything about "Yarn&Fabric" makes you want to spend hours surfing through samples and wanting almost everything you touch. They exhibited some of the best top quality ecologically-friendly fabrics, ranging from home textile, trend zone fashion fabrics, Uniform fabrics to bed linen fabrics, and more.

The Exhibitions was into different segments, the primary three segments being the Business Program, the Exhibitions, and the Special Exhibitions.

The Exhibition involves a variety of different classes of products. The significant sections of the Exhibition include:

    • Fabrics for production of clothes
    • Knitted fabrics
    • Yarns and threads
    • Haberdashery
    • Fabrics for wedding and evening fashion
    • Textile raw materials and dyes
    • Auxiliary and related materials, parts

"Yarn&Fabric" are the best in the fabric production industry, which leads to their acknowledgment in The InterFabric Autumn Exhibition 2020 by the media team, LegPromMedia LLC, was just fantastic in their coverage and professionalism in catering to the event's media needs and the participants.


"Yarn&Fabric" gives an ultimate solution to provide good service before and after-sales. Our professional sectors keep a close watch on the production at the various respective unit from which customers choose to purchase their product. We strive to produce and supply the best in the given product categories. Whereby customer's satisfaction is the main aim of their existence. In doing so, they not only produce materials for their respected clients but also engage in local supplies, trade internationally, and contract mass product of all kinds woven fabrics.