Something strange is going on?

As of April 22, 144,741,807 cases of Covid infection were recorded in the world. According to all the laws of the genre, a virus must evolve, like any living organism, mutating towards the maximum increase in the number of its species; therefore, over time, lethality should decrease, and the ability to infect should increase.

The problem is aggravated because large-scale quarantine measures, being an emergency form of response, turn into their opposite over a long period. Stress, worsening living conditions, the economic disaster caused by total prohibitive measures - all this weakens the immune system, makes a person more susceptible to disease (and to any infectious disease, not only to covid), and reduces his chances of survival. The strategy to stop the disease quickly failed.

Almost a year and a half of world quarantine did not lead to victory over the disease. It is now with us for a long time, if not forever. For this reason, quarantine measures only exacerbate the picture, driving the problem inside. It would be logical to return to everyday life and focus on mass recovery, increasing herd immunity, and improving people's health.

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