Heimtextil 2020: Sustainability in the Home and Contract Textile Industry.

Heimtextil 2020: Sustainability in the Home and Contract Textile Industry.
The Heimtextil currently is the biggest fair globally in the home and contract textile industry. As is customary, the fair was held early in the year, from the seventh till the tenth of Jan 2020. In 2020, the Heimtextil celebrated their jubilee edition, making it an opportunity to look to the future while also reminiscing on how far the fair and the textile industry have come.

The Heimtextil had its first edition in 1971 with much less than 700 exhibitors from 50 countries.

However, now, it boasts a participation rate of 2,918 exhibitors from 136 countries, out of which a whopping 91% of which were international exhibitors. The 2020 fair saw approximately 62,970 trade visitors. So great was the event that a vast majority of its participants and visitors expressed string satisfaction and many of which claimed that there achieved and even surpassed their objectives for the fair. Being the first fair of the year in its industry, the Heimtextil set businesses' tone for the year.

The Heimtextil 2020 edition was shifting the attention from the product to the future. According to the general manager of Messe Heimtextil – the fair organizers- this year's edition aims to cause a re-think towards sustainability and value creation in the development phase.

Yarn&Fabric” is a fabric industry leader that encapsulates the vision and thematic preoccupation of the Heimtextil 2020 fair. Right from inception, “Yarn&Fabric” is a forerunner to technological advancement in eco-friendly fabric production. As a company, “Yarn&Fabric” makes it a goal to factor in sustainability in the design, production, and supply of fabrics. At the Heimtextil 2020 fair, “Yarn&Fabric” were there in Hall 4.2 H85 with various home and hotel textiles, and more, made of the best materials and as beautiful.

The exhibitions at the fair made use of eco-friendly textile technology, paying attention to digital evolution in the manufacture and processing of home textile. It evinces this theme through events such as the "Textile Technology Talks," the new "Future Materials Library,"; "Natural Assets," and more. “Yarn&Fabric” were live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to showcase once again to the world their dedication to a more sustainable future. “Yarn&Fabric” will again be at the next edition with fabrics that are as aesthetic as they are technologically advanced.

Their aim is to produce fabrics to their esteem customers in respect to their respective needs; they possess the capability and power to provide any product of your need.