Denim fabrics

EX4006. Denim fabric C/P/L

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EX4005. Denim fabric Cotton

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EX4004. Denim fabric C/P/L

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EX4003. Denim fabric C/P/L

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EX4002. Denim fabric C/P/L

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EX4001. Denim fabric C/P

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Once upon a time, denim was used only for sewing ship sails and work clothes. However, now it has become the mainstay of the men's and women's wardrobe. Things made from this material have not lost their relevance for several decades. After all, they are distinguished by their durability, ease of care, and comfort to wear.
The denim material is made from cotton. Synthetic threads are often included in their composition. These are usually polyester and elastane. This combination of fibers makes the fabric less coarse, more pleasant to wear, and more elastic, allowing things to fit beautifully.