Woven cotton fabrics

Spring-summer 2022 shirting fabrics capsule collection available for order

As the famous adage goes, "speak English, kiss France, ride Germany, and dress Italian". Pure 100% cotton premium quality with perfect Italian design. The capsule collection of shirting fabrics for the spring-summer 2022 season ready for order. Yarn-dyed, digital and rotary printing available.
Base fabric https://yarnfabric.group/catalog/cotton-fabric/
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EX8013. 100% Cotton Percal 190TC

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EX8012. 100% Cotton Percal 210TC

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EX8011. 100% Cotton Satin 400TC

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EX8010. 100% Cotton Satin 350TC

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EX8009. 100% Cotton Satin 240TC

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Cotton fabric occupies a leading place globally due to its versatility, practicality, and hypoallergenic; it is used in almost all spheres of life. The dense fibers look attractive and allow you to create colorful, bright, and casual items for any season.
Cotton is highly durable, hygroscopic and hypoallergenic, easy to dye, and very comfortable to sew - non-slip, easy to wash, and iron.
Due to these characteristics, the material remains popular and demanded to this day, and the variety of its varieties continues to grow. The material is used in the manufacture of shirts for both men and women. It can be any product, from a light shirt to a coarse shirt worn as outerwear. Often, items of women's wardrobes are also produced from this material. For example, a woman's blouse and a man's shirt can be made from the same type of fabric. The main requirements for shirting fabric are aesthetics and practicality. The fabric should allow the skin to breathe to its maximum, remove excess sweat without problems, and not cause allergies.